Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

YouTube now lets you streams free movies supported by ads

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YouTube, the video sharing giant, has now added cost-free movies supported by ads to YouTube movies. YouTube, now being watch on large TVs and tablets, the video network has added the ability to watch movies silently, for free. YouTube began releasing Hollywood movies by advertising in the “Free to Watch” section of the Movies & Entertainment section. Movies such as Legally Blonde, The Terminator, Rocky, Hackers, and All Dogs Go to Heaven are listed on the page with the label “Free with Ads”. YouTube is known as the home of the short video, although some creators who create videos on YouTube, such as Shane Dawson and Logan Paul, have recently experimented with longer original productions. In addition, YouTube has begun to use longer native versions as part of YouTube’s premium offering, offering a free way to watch and gaining access to exclusive content. Previously, the Movies and Shows page only featured movies and TV shows that you can purchase to watch. The release of the free movie began in October and new content is still being added.

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