Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

YouTube making plans to view originals content free with ads

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After years of paying the premium subscription category, Google’s video giant is changing its bidding strategy. As of 2019, the new original content on YouTube will be available free of charge with ads, rather than exclusively available through the YouTube Premium subscription service.

This does not mean that the scripted television is dead on YouTube. Earlier this year, they renewed Impulse, Step Up: High Water, Mind Field, Foursome, Ryan Hansen resolves crimes on television, Kevin Hart: What the Fit and Cobra Kai. With YouTube’s iBodied debuting this week, YouTube has already invested in hosting one of the best 2018 movies. YouTube recognizes this as a response to “growing demand for a more global fan base.” To a certain extent, however, it admits the difficulty of competing with the heavy video broadcast. Where Netflix and Amazon are about original productions, to the point where billions are pouring into new programs. This is not really YouTube’s focus. Google’s proprietary ownership has flourished in video blogs and viral sections, and not much money has been devoted to original content. Moving to fewer Originals and freely available will unleash YouTube’s strengths by offering offers to a very broad audience that is hard to match for Netflix and Amazon.

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