Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Twitter tests the home screen button to easily see the latest tweets first

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Twitter is testing the Home screen button to help its users change the order of the tweets they watch, announced on Thursday. Twitter is working to make it easier for users to toggle between showing the best or the last ones in the feed.

This feature is usually hidden within settings on the app, but the test shows a new button on iOS. It’s a great icon that changes the timeline view from recent tweets view to just the most important tweets on your timeline.The feature is currently available on iOS but will also come to Android.

By giving its more than one million users more control, Twitter in September announced that it would completely reverse its timeline in a pure reverse chronological feed.The micro-blogging platform in 2016 announced that it will only show “the most important tweets” and stop the most recent tweets first, which annoyed many users.¬†Twitter also confirmed that it was considering removing the “Like” button in the form of a heart after its CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that he was not a fanatic.


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