Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

The Netflix application is no longer compatible with AirPlay on iOS

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Netflix has announced that the iOS application will no longer be compatible with AirPlay on all iOS devices. Netflix has elaborated the “technical reasons” for which AirPlay has been deactivated and affirms that, since it can not know to which device the transmission is sent due to changes in the protocol, it will not allow the function.

The change in the application’s policy was detected on Friday in an update of the official website of the Netflix Help Center, which now tells users of iOS devices to connect to a TV with Chromecast functionality on the TV , the second Netflix screen or a physical cable. Customers who try to stream video content to an Apple TV or AirPlay compatible device now receive an error message. AirPlay may no longer work with the Netflix iOS application, but users can still watch their favorite TV shows or movies with the Netflix application on their Apple TV, Smart TV, consoles and directly on any iOS device.

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