Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Spotify may acquire Siri voice commands soon

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You can soon feel the world’s most popular music streaming service at home on your iPhone or Apple Watch, if Apple and Spotify reach some kind of “truce,” according to a report. Apple and Spotify are in discussions about possibly empowering Siri to play melodies, collections, and playlists from the mainstream music service. This implies you may almost certainly say something like Play music with Spotify and have it start playing, much like you can right now with Apple Music.

Beginning with iOS 13 when it was announced in June, Apple laid the foundation for SiriKit for third-party music, podcasts, audiobooks, and radio apps, Spotify users will most likely control their Spotify playback with Siri, and even ask Siri to play melodies. Apple and Spotify had an open squabble recently after Spotify blamed Apple for anticompetitive behavior, however now a report says that the two organizations might cooperate. The cooperation could be a sign of progress between the two companies that pushed the heads even hotter than ever in the past year. iOS 13 is relied upon to hit iPhones in September around a similar time Apple to presents the iPhone 11. That will give Spotify a lot of time to consolidate SiriKit combination into their applications.

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