Tue. Jun 18th, 2019

Sony chairman and former CEO Kaz Hirai withdrew

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Kazuo Hirai, who led Sony’s spin and rebirth as a world powerhouse for video game and film entertainment, will step down from the presidency only a year after he resigned as executive director. Although he will retire as chairman of Sony on June 18, the company said it will continue to provide advice as requested by Sony’s management team, acting as the company’s chief advisor. The permanence of Hirai in the company began in 1984 in Sony Music Entertainment Japan, but it was his interest in video games that initially boosted his interest in entertainment and launched his career in the company.

In 1995, Hirai joined Sony Computer Entertainment America just in time for the launch of the PlayStation. He helped oversee the launch of the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 3, after replacing Ken Kutaragi as director of the gaming business in 2006 and a year later was promoted to president and CEO of the Sony Computer Entertainment International group. In 2012, Hirai replaced Howard Stringer as CEO of Sony. In 2012, Hirai replaced Howard Stringer as CEO of Sony. Hirai decided to step down as CEO in part because he was exhausted by the travel calendar he held for the past six years as CEO, sources said at the time.

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