Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Signify announces LiFi able to transmit data at higher speed

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The company behind Philips Hue reveals LiFi lighting with incredible data speeds. LiFi, a technology that relies on light waves instead of radio bands to transmit data, has struggled to gain traction in a saturated market, but the company behind the Lights Philips Hue thinks it can change that. The company Signify formerly Philips Lighting expects its new Truelifi systems to be adopted by business and health organizations at data speed upto 250mbps.

Signify says that the Trulifi system optical transceiver can already be integrated into a new lighting, or can be reconditioned in existing Philips lights. The technology is capable of facilitating wireless connectivity at up to 150 Mbps throughout the office or boardroom for uploads and downloads. For more demanding applications, a fixed point-to-point system is available as part of the range, which could allow up to 250 Mbps wireless transfer speeds up and down. The configuration makes use of a technology of LED lighting and wireless transceiver of high energy efficiency, uses 128-bit AES encryption and Signify also says that the system works whether the lights are on, dimmed or off.

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