Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Samsung launching Galaxy Fold After Fix in September

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Samsung Electronics will begin selling its Galaxy Fold in September, restoring the devices it pulled out a few months ago after the first reviewers reported failures in the popular flexible display. The South Korean company said it hoped the Galaxy Fold would become the “engine” of global smartphone sales growth, as it was increasingly difficult to distinguish between incremental updates in smartphone design.

Improvements include the extension of the protective layer so that it is not explicitly used for removal and reinforcement of the articulated area with a new protective cover. It also added protective caps to fold hinges to protect the device from external particles. Samsung also says it is improving the software side of things, extra time has been allocated to improve more applications and services . The world’s largest smartphone maker is in the final testing stage after making several modifications to the device and said it will sell the phone in the select markets.

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