Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Rockstar Games Gets Their Own PC Platform

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Rockstar Games released its own gaming platform, offering the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas free of charge as the platform debuted. The new Rockstar Games PC Launcher is available for download for Windows on Tuesday. By Installing the player will also add a digital copy of GTA: San Andreas to the library for free.

Features available in Rockstar Games Launcher include support for cloud titles, automatic game updates, and news updates from the publisher. You can purchase games there as well. In addition to allowing you to purchase games directly, Rockstar Games Launcher will also scan your computer for Rockstar Games you already own through other storefronts, such as Steam. Once found, they can be used to turn them on as well, with the “Steam Play” button.Users need a Rockstar Games Social Club account to get started. There is also the option to purchase the online multiplayer currency GTA Online Shark Cash cards. With the launching of a exclusive Rockstar launcher, one could anticipate that the organization could increase support for PC equipment.

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