Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Microsoft Announced Dual Screen Surface Device With Windows 10X

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Microsoft announced the expected set of updates to its existing hardware lineup in its annual hardware program in New York. Microsoft is developing a new version of Windows 10, Windows 10X operating system, which will work with new dual-screen Surface new devices, which is expected to be available by the end of 2020.

Windows 10X is part of Microsoft’s multi-year journey to change the architecture of Windows and make it more modular. Windows 10X, likewise known by codename “Santorini,” s an ambitious effort by Microsoft to redesign Windows 10 on devices that are not yet available such as Surface Neo. Since Hulu Lenses, Surface Hub and Xbox use the core technologies of Windows 10, Dual Screen Surface will also run this new version, as will Dual, HP, Lenovo and other partners’ dual-screen devices. And these devices on Windows 10X will be offered better pen support.

The Surface Neo is Microsoft’s very own vision of where Windows 10X will sparkle. It has two 9 “touch screens, 360 degree capture, pen support and bezels. Each side is 5.6 mm thick, so when folded it consist of 11.2 mm thick weighs 1.3kg. Above the LCD is a type of gorilla glass. SurfaceNew is launching in about a year from now, which will be available for the holiday shopping season in 2020.

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