Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Intel Reveals 10nm Technology

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As long as Intel has been under criticism for reuse of old cores in the latest CPUs, the new Sunny Cove core has shown 10 nm that will bring unmatched and multi-threaded performance with key speeds of new instructions. In 2019, Intel will ship the chips using a new 3D stacking technology called Foveros.  Foveros allows the accumulation of complex logic templates on each other, providing much greater capacity to mix processor components and match them with optimal manufacturing processes.

Intel says that Sunny Cove is increasing performance in specialized tasks by adding new instructions that improve the speed of encryption, automated learning and automated learning.The new Sunny Cove kernel will further boost memory support by increasing the address space from 48 bits to 57 bits. Intel’s upcoming Sunny Cove program will see improved cryptographic performance of up to 75 percent of existing products in the same power and thermal envelope. Enhancements do not stop in the x86 kernel. Intel will also include a major upgrade of the new 11-Gen graphics with the new Sunny Cove chips, Intel’s first built-in graphics for higher performance. Gen-11 graphicsbased on Sunnycove  CPUs will reach 1 teraflop of performance and offer a H.265 encoding performance of 30% better also. While Intel revealed its “Sunny Cove” product and two follow-ups called “Willow Core” and “Golden Core,” the hard details, such as the number of cores in actual CPUs and at any clock speeds, were held near the blazer. The name of the official code is not revealed.

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