Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Instagram is closing its direct messaging application

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Direct for Instagram, the complementary direct messaging application for the social media platform to share photos, is being eliminated by Instagram in the coming weeks. In the next month, you will not be able to slide into another person’s DM through the Direct for Instagram application.

Instagram presented its Direct application in December 2017, in effect, incorporating Instagram messaging functionality to a separate application. It was available in several markets, both Android and iOS, although for some reason, Instagram never really seemed so interested in promoting the application. It does not even lose its beta status. Instagram has not explicitly stated why he is finalizing his experiment with Direct. Facebook has applied the same model used to Messenger, withdrawing it from the main Facebook app and placing it as an independent option. Now it seems that the company changed its mind, so to enjoy these last few days you are able to use Instagram Direct!

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