Mon. May 20th, 2019

Google refuses to pull the controversial Saudi application ‘Absher’ From Playstore

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Google says it will not pull ‘Absher’, a controversial Saudi government application, from its app store. The controversial application that allows Saudi men to track women and control where they travel will not be removed from the Google Play Store. According to Google, the application is not violating the policies of its Play Store. The application basically allows men to track and control women who travel. The application allows Saudi users to access government services, allowing them to apply for jobs or permits, pay fines, renew licenses or report crimes. However, it also allows Saudi men to track women and control their movement. In order to travel, women must obtain permission through the application. Many can not go far because the application alerts guardians every time their dependents use their passports. Apple has not decided anything yet if it is removing the application or not from its app store.

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