Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Google Launches Zero Search Results

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Google Search is now getting direct search results on mobile for certain phrases on both Android and iOS. Spotted today, searches that can be answered by a compact calculator, unit converter, or clock will not display other web links. The giant technology company decided to hide all the search results, completely, from the bottom of its own answer to certain inquiries. Instead, Google provides a “View all results” link at the bottom of the results page itself.
These individual results appear when Google has “very high confidence” so that it can respond directly to a user’s query. If a unit is converted, the card will contain a quick tool for users to find other results, while the basic account is accompanied by a simple calculator. The search engine began experimenting with this “brief look” in February to speed load times. Meanwhile, those who still want web links can touch the button down the card to download regular web results.

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