Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Google Contract Employees Votes To Join Union

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Contractors at a Google’s Pittsburgh office casted a ballot today to join the United Steelworkers Union. Around 80 tech contractual workers working for Google in Pittsburgh will join the United Steelworkers Unions after a dominant part decided in favor of unionization. The tech laborers, who are utilized by Google contractual worker HCL Technologies, are just a couple of the numerous temporary workers that make up the majority of Google’s work power.

The union was voted on, with 49 in favor and 24 against. Google has faced criticism for using temporary workers, vendors and contracts, who outnumber the full-time employees of the company, but may have significantly lower wages and lower benefits. Although some contractors in the technology industry, such as security guards, have already voted for the union, the union of technical contractors is seldom. The unionization process is now about to enter the bargaining phase as HCL workers negotiate a contract with the company.

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