Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Google Chrome Adds Page Sharing Feature

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Google Chrome 77 is presently taking off for Android, with another component that gives you a ability to send tabs to various devices. This helpful technique disposes of the need to mess about with bookmarks, or email URLs to yourself. The update will be available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android this week.

You can right-click the link and a new context menu will appear allowing you to simply send links to other devices where you use Chrome. In case you’re utilizing Chrome on iOS you’ll need the application open a small prompt will appear to accept the Sent tab. This will enable you to send the current page to any device you are currently signed in with using your Google Account. The receiving device will display an alert that includes the sharing device name, page name, and URL. Chrome 77 for Android adjusts the downloads screen by canceling the menu in the upper right corner. Another change is an “Articles for you” tab that shows substance Google naturally stores. This component isn’t yet live.

There are also several changes targeting developers, as well as some performance improvements under the hood.

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