Mon. May 20th, 2019

Facebook Loses Senior Product Officer and Whatsapp Head

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Facebook is losing two of its top executives, Chris Cox and Chris Daniels, who served as the company’s product director and the head of WhatsApp, respectively. The departures come just a week after Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced his intention to reshape the company through private messaging applications and a year of widespread privacy scandals. Mr. Cox joined in 2005, a year after Facebook was founded, while Mr. Daniels took office just one year ago.

The changes come shortly after Mr. Zuckerberg described his plan to transform Facebook into a “privacy-centric platform.” The changes reinforce the fact that Facebook is entering a new era by continuing the trend of stream sharing giving way to private communication. Cox and Daniels may feel that they have done their part to improve Facebook’s product, and that the company needs renewed energy as it switches from a relentless growth approach to keeping its loyal users as they learn to monetize a new social network. This week, the social media giant and its WhatsApp and Instagram platforms also experienced the worst cut in the company’s history. Later, Facebook blamed the blackout on a “server configuration change”.

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