Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Apple is expected to unveil iPad devices with facial recognition

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Apple is expected to release updates for Mac and iPad on Tuesday that include facial recognition features that are available in the iPhone lineup at an event in Brooklyn.

Apple introduced latest iPhones and Apple Watch last month, but older production lines reached $ 45 billion in sales in the last fiscal quarter. In contrast, the iPhone generated revenue of $ 141.3 billion

Analysts expect new versions of Apple’s iPad Pro, a high-end tablet competing with Microsoft Service, with thinner edges and more screen space, as well as a facial recognition system on newer iPhones. They also expect updates on the company’s Mac range, such as the redesigned MacBook Air, a $ 999 iPad laptop.

While Apple has kept prices low on some items, such as its entry-level iPads for schools, analysts do not expect it to do so with iPad Pros or Mac laptops. In particular, with Mac laptops, consumers use every time more phones or tablets for quick computer tasks and only look for a full-fledged computer when they need more power. Apple is unlikely to cut costs to lower the price of its entry-level laptops, analysts said.


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