Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Apple Acquires Intel Modem Business

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Apple gains a lion’s share of Intel’s cell phone modem business, including 2,200 workers.The agreement, esteemed at around $1 billion, incorporates Intel IP, equipment, leases and workers, with Apple bringing more than 2,200 new jobs and bringing its portfolio up 17,000 remote innovation licenses.

The deal confirms previous rumors that Apple will acquire the company to permanently decouple from Qualcomm, the source of much controversy for both sides in recent years. The deal implies Apple is currently on track to create its own 5G modems, instead of depending on Qualcomm for its gadgets . Apple and Qualcomm settled their disparities back in April, with the two gatherings consenting to drop suit.

Intel will not be completely out of business. Regardless it’ll have the option to create modems for PCs, Internet of Things gadgets, self-sufficient vehicles, and apparently anything that is not a cell phone. After the agreement is concluded, by merging those obtained from Intel, Apple will retain more than 17,000 patents for wireless technology, ranging from cellular standard protocols to modem architecture and operation. The move is thought to be an attempt by Apple to prepare the iPhone for a 5G push-in device, expected to take place in 2020.

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