Mon. Oct 21st, 2019

Amazon is apparently preparing its response from Alexa to PowerPods

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Amazon is working on a pair of headphones with built-in Alexa support that would be designed to compete with other truly wireless headsets, including Apple’s AirPods, according to a new Bloomberg report. If successful, it could create a space for the popular digital assistant, and its deep connections with the rest of Amazon’s ecosystem, in the mobile world that Amazon has so far failed to penetrate.

The Bloomberg report says that Alexa’s hearing aids allow it to “order products, access music, weather and other information,”. And just like Amazon’s Echo speakers, you can access the digital assistant by simply saying “Alexa,” similar to the “Hey, Siri” feature introduced in Apple’s second-generation AirPods. However, there is one drawback: Amazon headsets do not offer built-in LTE, which means you’ll still have to tie your headphones to a smartphone to access Alexa, which means that Amazon will need to work with Google. As for the rest of the Amazon headsets, they are apparently pretty standard for wireless headphones: they will offer a storage case that will also recharge buds between uses, and have gesture controls to answer calls or control music.

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